Put your organization online

Do you want to make your organization visible on the internet? We’ll make it happen! Making and managing a website is easier than you think, especially when your being supported by technicians who will give you all the means you need.

Making new content becomes easy

We’ll make a design based on your organization. We’ll develop the site in such a way that you can easily make new content and give returning visitors something new to see. We’ll make sure you can do it!

PC, tablet and mobile

Nothing is more annoying than a website not being displayed properly on your phone. But also on a pc or tablet, the site has to work. We’ll ensure the website is displayed properly on all devices.

Show yourself

A beautiful website is still nothing is nobody visits! We’ll help you make your website findable on search engines and give you insight into visitor statistics. We’ll also give you tools to judge yourself if your content complies to best practices and is SEO friendly.

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Your site and email are safe with us

No worries! We’ll manage the hosting of your website and email and take care of your domain registration. Your domain is secured with SSL (HTTPS) and your email is safe on our server.

Error? No problem!

Every night a full backup is made of your website, to 30 days back! An error is easily recovered from. A backup of your email is also made every night. All backups are stored off-site at 2 separate locations.

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Lumasites was founded in 2014. It started with an assignment from its own circle of acquaintances. And so, outside our daily jobs, the work started. Soon, we were asked to build another website and we decided to set up Lumasites. That is how we grew into who we are today.

Our goal is to completely relieve our customers of all technical aspects of their presence on the internet. In addition, we enable them to manage their own content. It is always nice to see how people start to develop their own site.

If you want more information about us, about how we work or have other questions, please feel free to contact us.

Mail us at info@lumasites.nl.